9 PPC Tools:

If you are a newbie in the paid marketing, we have a great technique to help you get a proper insight about the whole paid search marketing situation. Yes we are talking about PPC Tools. This tactics helps you with Keywords, Ad copy and also with complex things such as Ad Words. The old fishes in the pond must have been paying for ads for a while now and they must have an idea about what works for them and what doesn’t. This can also help you as the information about their successes and failures is already out there. This could help you plan your strategy accordingly.

Competitor Research Using Google Searches

The best and the easiest way to find out about your competition in search marketing is by doing a simple google search. You can do that by putting in the keywords you are aiming for. This would enable you to achieve the following things.

Establish that Keywords you are Targeting have commercial Intent

There are two main reasons to use keywords. They could either be for searching for products that could be bought also known as commercial intent. Or it could also be used to find information about a specific topic also known as informational intent. For instance people who are searching for web analytics maybe only be looking for some information about it.  On the other hand, people searching for web analytics software might be in for a future purchase. Web analytics software has amazing competition considering paid search and could be used if your business sells it.
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Consider some alternative keywords

LSI keywords - 9 ppc tools

LSI keywords – 9 ppc tools

Scrolling down the search results’ page, you could around 8-10 more keywords you can aim for. But first, you would have to test them from a commercial intent. These keywords can help you find more keywords. This could definitely decrease the competition but increase the chance of people clicking on your ad.

Visit ad formats, copy, and landing pages used by your competitors

You have to find the answers to the questions like whether or not the ads have social following numbers? Do they have links to internal pages on their website? What is the text style used? What are the landing pages they take you to? Do they show any additional contact information?
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These questions can conveniently be answered by viewing the ads your competitors are using in Google search. You can use factors like phone numbers, internal links, Followers of Google+. These also go beyond the title, description and link could notify you about your competitors’ usage of different AdWords features. This information includes extensions, social annotations, rating and much more.

Competitor Research Using Different Tools

After learning how to keep an eye on your competitors Google search. Let’s take a look at some of the important tools which can assist you learn more about your competitors strategies.

  1. Keyword Competitor finds your competitors paid for keywords, ads and different landing pages etc. It also tells you about the alterations happening in ads, keyword positions and landing pages so you could up your game. When your competitor’s in the lead you would be notified about it. Get a 30 days free trail before paying for it.
  2. IsPOINAGE enables you to peep into your competitors most effective keywords, ad  copy along with budget. This give you an outrageous advantage even if you are using the PPC Tools organically for a small business.
  3. SEMrush let’s you search for your keyword competitor and let’s you see their other keywords so you could copy and use them. This enables you to see both, your organic and paid competitors for a certain keyword.
  4. SpyFu lets you see your competitors’ online presence, their bought keywords and different ad variations they use. Hence, enabling you to find out their most profitable keyword.
  5. KeywordSpy let you view your competitors PPC campaign tactics and pointing out their most profitable keyword plus ad copy combination.
  6. Adbeat Let you view top ads and ad by format of the advertisers in the market and keep an eye on ad copy split testing.
  7. WhatRuns Where This lets you view their whole paid campaign strategy to help you decide which way to turn after or in addition to Google AdWords.
  8. The Search Monitor This gives you the right insight from comScore regarding your targeted industry as a whole
  9. AdGooroo gives you a detailed information about your ad copy andf landing pages and also your competitors’.

 Social Media Advertising is a Bonus

Competitors search becomes a lot more tricker when it comes to social media channels such s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This happens because lack of tools and personalized targeting techniques that we use. But fear not, here are some tips to search their social marketing straregies.

  • Create a profile which resonates with your customers.
  • Follow your competitors social media pages to interqact with your trageted audience.
  • Perform a keyword search on Twitter similar to the one you are aiming to target.


If you want a quick glance at your competitors’ search marketing strategy today, then free Google search is the easiest answer. If you want an in-depth look into keyword performance, ad copy, and profit analysis, then you’ll want to try to pay and dive into one of the above-mentioned tools. Either way, you now have the knowledge and tools necessary to learn from your competitors and out-advertise them in search.

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