How to Start Event Blogging

There are many Bloggers who consider Event Blogging a great way to make some easy cash online in a shorter time span

Event Blogging has been proven the best technique to make money online as for yet. But the Truth is, it takes a lot of time and effort to make a well-running blog and monetize it.  But if you want to make some easy money this way , you need to make some efforts.

What is Event Blogging?

We have established that it is an easy way to make money. But how to start event blogging? Fear not, in this post you would get new ideas of blogging. Fro instance, take a blog which was designed for a specific event like New Year, Christmas, Easter etc. It could bring great results if you target a particular event with your blog and efficiently monetize it with contextual ads and marketing tactics. But this blog would last only for a short period of time.

But the truth is, this short-spanned blog would bring in a lot of traffic. This event based niche blogging will get you maximum revenue within few days. Furthermore, a properly sorted On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques are also required to make it a success. Let us follow this event blogging case study and learn how to run a successful event blog.

How you can make money from Event Blogging?

There are many techniques to make good money out of Event Blogging and they are as follows:

  • Get it approved with Google AdSense
  • Sell your own product
  • Join hands with marketing like SFI, CJ, ShareASale etc
  • Utilize Infolinks and Chitika
  • Use the Direct Banner and Display Advertisement techniques

What are the steps to be taken for Event Blogging?

Step 1: Choose an upcoming event

After getting an idea about event blogging let’s talk about different event blogging secrets to make money out of it. Firstly, choose a famous upcoming event. Following are the few ideas for it.

National Holidays

You can choose festivals like New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter etc.

International Sports Events

You can also pick sport related events like Cricket, Football, Badminton etc

Special Occasions

One can also opt for special events like Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Father’s day etc

Movie Releases

You can also review movies, music , books etc

Local and national events

This Includes National Awards Day, Oscars, Emmys’, Grammys’ and fashion weeks etc

These are few of many categories you can choose to blog about. Most of all, remember to be well informed about the topics you choose to write about to get some positive return on it.

Step 2

You need to dedicate a certain amount of time to write high quality content. And pick the event with the maximum searches in SERP pages.

Right Time to Start Blogging

After doing a proper research, you need to decide when to start blogging.  It is highly recommended to start blogging about a specific event at least 30 days before it happens. This would give a good amount of time to get prepared for the mass launch of the domain.

How to build your blog for events?

Buying a Domain Name And Hosting

Consequently, comes the time to think about an appropriate domain name for Event Blogging. It is a very vital point in SEO ranking factor.  The domain name filled with keyword would get a lot more traffic than from the name without it. It is especially important for blogging to choose a primary keyword in your domain name. It is highly recommended to research for the right keyword related to the event. There are a lot of helpful tools available for that purpose such as Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Ahrefs etc

Look for the keyword with a search more than 1,00,000 on a monthly average. Pay close attention to your competitor’s work. The purpose to find a keyword with high monthly average is to attract more traffic to your domain. We recommend you to visit to get the domain of your choice at the minimum rates. After typing in your main keyword you would get many suggestions from the website. You can also opt for extensions such as .com, .biz, .info, .net and many more. charges only a minor amount of 2 dollars during the first year of registration.


Your domain can’t go live without hosting. Hence it is very important to select a reliable hosting technique. For this purpose, Godaddy offers affordable hosting packages. Free hosting is not highly recommended. It can shut down your domain without notice.


After selecting domain name and hosting comes the time to go live.  You need to add quality content to attract visitors and give them what they are looking for. Content is the King and this applies to this situation as well. It is very important to write SEO optimized articles to get your blog running.


  • Word count 500-1000
  • Use Primary Keyword and Long Tail Keyword
  • Don’t over-stuff your content with Keywords
  • Include Focus or Primary keyword in Header, Headings, Sub-headings, first and last Paragraphs
  • Keyword density up-to 4%
  • Add appropriate images

Doing SEO for your Event based niche blogging?

On-Page SEO

  • High Quality content with 500-100 words ( as mentioned above)
  • Add meta tags
  • Division in Headings and Sub-headings
  • Adding images with ALT tags
  • Keyword placement in the URL of the page

Off-Page SEO

  • Find similar blogs in your niche and leave useful comments on them
  • Forum participation and discussion
  • Do social bookmarking and bookmark your Blog’s URL
  • Submit that URL to various directories
  • Submit your articles on different related websites
  • Start email campaigning and marketing
  • Share it on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr
  • Opt for Banner Display Advertisement

Key Points

  • Start at least 30 days before the main event
  • Buy the domain six months before
  • Monetize back links
  • Write quality content
  • Choose unique themes
  • Develop strong internal links
  • Go for Site Wide Links

Monetizing your blog:

After starting your blog, comes the monetizing. This could be started after your blog start getting around 500 to 700 views per day

  • Get attache with Google AdSense to get higher CTRs and ad placement to convert them into clicks
  • Affiliate with Amazon, Commission Junctions for promotions
  • After getting 1,00,000 page views you can opt for banner advertisements and product sales

Event Blogging has proven to be a great way to make money in a short period of time. All you have to do is be patient and focused. Follow other successful blog and see what they are doing right. Hope you learned something today which would be helpful to you in the long run.


What is Event Blogging And How to Make Money without Ranking your Blogging
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What is Event Blogging And How to Make Money without Ranking your Blogging
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