High-Quality SEO-Friendly Content

It is not at all that difficult to write a High Quality SEO Friendly Content SEO. All you have to do is follow some easy guide lines put out there by Google. Decent SEO can help improve your presence online. And make sure your content is reaching to your readers. This could be extremely beneficial for your website traffic generation.

You Should Consider These Steps Before Generating a SEO Optimized Article

  • Selection of the correct keywords
  • Give incentive to your visitors
  • Generate optimized SEO texts
  • Produce high-level promotion techniques
  • The SEO texts should target your audiences

How To Write High-Quality SEO-Friendly Content (A Step by Step Guide)

Use Post Tile and Meta Title
Firstly, you ought to know the difference between post and Meta Title. Post title is explained as how your audience sees the title of your post. Secondly, post title means how search engines would read your post in search results. In case you haven’t used a meta tile, your post title is used in it’s place. Furthermore, it is very vital to mention your keyword in the meta title. Lastly, you should also make sure that your post title does not fall behind the limit of 66 characters.

Post Meta Description
The most recent and popular SEO plugins have an option to add Meta Description. These description are very important to optimize your search engine ranking. You should take this meta description as a sale technique for you blog post. This description could be 156 characters.  You need to include your keywords in order to create a description which would attract the readers.

SEO Texts Optimizing
Good content also needs the support of a strong and optimized SEO. Hence, make sure to add your keywords on the following places. These are some SEO Content Writing Tips.

Add it to the page’s URL
Add it to the tile
Place it in the first paragraph
Also, add it into the subheadings
Try to spread it into the article

There are certain things you need to consider during the optimization of your text. Ensure that you write good SEO title and Meta description.  This allows you to promote your keyword and other related terms.

A Brief Check-list of SEO Optimized Article

Post tile for search engine and readers
You should keep your post title attractive with keywords like “best, top, most’ etc.

Short Post Permalink
It is not Suggested to use stop words like “the” from the permalink

Anchor Text
You can link your relevant post with each other through inter-linking. This helps in improving your keyword score.

SEO Friendly Images
You should customize your image by using ALT text in all the images. This could be made better if you use keyword in that ALT text.

Post meta Description
You should put in target and focus keywords to get better CTR.

Post Meta Keywords
You can let it be but there are some people out there who use it.

Outbound Links
You should put outbound links which are relevant to your text. Also, make sure they are authentic. It is one of the most important Google Crawling factor.


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