9 Latest SEO Techniques

Did you know that there are some SEO techniques that can be harmful to your Google ranking?  Have you ever heard the term “Black Hat SEO”?  If you haven’t, you need to read this post.  This post has been written to inform you about the SEO techniques and can be dangerous to your Google ranking.

What is Black Hat SEO?

There are some of the SEO practices out there which are viewed as ethically wrong and obsolete. This practice is known as “Black Hat SEO”.  We know SEO has something used to optimize a website for search engines. But, when done wrong, SEO can deliver opposite results. We all want to use the right SEO techniques to get the best results. Whether it is Keyword ranking or utilizing google ranking tool you are free to use any SEO tips and tricks.

How to decide what is good for your website ranking and what is not? Following are latest SEO techniques 2017 which not considered good for your Google ranking

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  1. Buying Backlinks Tactic

There is a huge number of websites out there that will try to convince you to pay for original backlinks. Fiverr, for example, is amongst the websites which provide hundreds and hundreds of back links for your website by paying a small amount of $5. But do you know what sites are linked with your website? Are they linked to your niche clientele? Nobody can correctly answer these questions for you. It is always good for your website to get trusted links and is considered a white-hat SEO.  If google finds out that you are paying for back linking, it can de-index your site from the search engines. Shun away from paying for backlinks in order to get to a high rank on Google. It is also advised not to get involved with the networks which sell links and distribute content on different websites.

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  1. Duplicated and Irrelevant Content

Content plays a vital role in driving traffic to your website. Make sure to use informative and unique content to keep your website validated.You need to make sure that the content you are posting is relevant to your products. For instance, if you are into real estate and you post content about the issues related to traveling on your website. Google is all about great user experience and it might reward your website if you provide that. One needs to keep the user requirements in mind while writing content.  The most important thing to be considered in case of content is its originality. In case you must add some duplicate content which could be useful to the readers, you should No-index it to avoid any negative impact on your Google Ranking.

  1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword ranking is an important element of SEO. However, stuffing your content with keywords is a very bad SEO practice. Even if they tend to fit into a sentence, we have to set a limited volume for the keyword placement. This could not only confuse the user but also misdirect the search engines in thinking that you are sabotaging their algorithms. Therefore, It is a good practice to add as much information as you can, related to your niche topic. This could irritate both, the visitors of your website and the search engines.

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  1. Cloaking Technique

    It is an extensively used Back hat SEO technique which misleads the search engine by displaying different content and taking the users to a different web page after the click on the search engine link. Your web codes could be such to make Google think that you are directing traffic to live football match. You need to keep just one version of a web page for both, users and engine crawlers. Yet, Make a clear differentiation between web content and ads.

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  1. Excessive Optimization

One of the best SEO techniques is to create a user-friendly experience to increase search engine ranking. But an excess of anything is bad. Be it crowding the content with too many keywords or adding links to a lot of internal pages, it can be harmful to your Google ranking. To avoid excessive optimization you should use a very limited number of H1s on your page. Keep away from unsafe sites. Focus on the healthy and clean sites in your niche. Try and develop a site with ideal technical SEO techniques that don’t suck the life out of you.

  1. Ads Excess

We tend to ignore sometimes the impact of ads on your website’s search visibility.  The use of to ads can be harmful to both, the users as well as the search engines.  It seems like a sweet thought to put up more ads to make a lot of money. Therefore, Google wants to reward the website which is making the experience more users friendly and helping them to find the answers they are seeking for. Finally, The ads you put up obstructs the path of users that maybe be trying to reach to your website.

7. Loaded Outbound links

There is no doubt in that the outbound links pump off your Google ranking. But they to establish a strong connection to the site you are linking with. You should link with the websites of high quality. Because liking to the banned site could be dangerous for your website. There is a continuous debate going on regarding the number of links with are suitable for a website.

  1. Article Directories Technique

Therefore, Article writing is a vital part of SEO technique.  The trick is to write an article on an informative topic and put it up on online article directories. A lot of people make the mistake of spinning the content available on the web and publishing it in article directories.  They try to outwit Google by posting numerous articles in different article directories. This SEO technique can badly hurt your Google ranking. Google has very negative opinions about these article directories. Find better places to put your content. While, You can start with putting it up on your own blog and update it regularly. You can also write as a guest blogger on other websites to win yourself traffic and high-quality back links.

  1. Google Search Console Ignorance

There have been recent updates in Google algorithm. Now the webmasters are taking a closer look at the backlink profile.  Many people tend to make the mistake of ignoring the Google webmaster, which ends up hurting their Google ranking. It is Google web master which provides you control over data and configuration of your website. The turnout time of using Google webmaster is slightly higher. If you aren’t using it for now, get on it today.  It is very user-friendly. You only have to click on a link and sign up.  This way you would be notified of every vital issue regarding your website. As a result, This can also allow you to monitor your performance and make changes accordingly.

finally, That is a Wrap!

There are many SEO techniques out there which could be harmful to your Google ranking.  You should make a long term SEO plan to get the maximum results. Therefore, Using any of the above-mentioned techniques could only benefit you for a short period. Using any of these tactics can result in delisting and spamming of your site. Finally, For long term results, take the right steps in the right direction to rank high on Google. first of all, It is the most important thing to proceed with ethically correct SEO practices.

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